Russian Skin Care Haul

September 12, 2017

To start off the week I wanted to write a quick beauty haul which has been a long time coming. Throughout the summer I’ve been doing a lot of beauty shopping but neglected to share those purchases and my thoughts on them. Over the weekend I went to the pharmacy where I picked up few Russian skin care products. Even though there are quite a few Slavic shops in the area where I live it took a long time for beauty products to make it to the shelves.

The pharmacy near me has a wide variety of beauty products which made it difficult not to purchase all of them.

Using makeup on a daily basis affects the skin around the eyes and if not taken care of can cause serious damage.  There are a couple of eye creams in my collection that I rotated. One of the skin care lines that is sold at the pharmacy is Natura Siberica. Natura Siberica is an organic brand which won numerous award around Europe for their products. I am not the biggest fan of organic skin care products because they often contain ingredients that the skin doesn’t react well to, but after reading great reviews about the Natura Siberica products I was sure that this product would work well. The eye cream-gel contains vitamins and oils, which results in the bright and moisturized skin.


I also picked up a face moisturizer from Акулья Сила (Shark Strength). I never heard anything about the brand, but the product was very affordable and I thought that even if it wouldn’t work I wouldn’t be as disappointed about it. There was a variety of moisturizers that target different skin issues and the one I chose to try is a sculpting cream, which contains shark retinol, chi oil, and fruit acids. I used this product once so I can’t say too many things about it, but I am a little skeptical about day moisturizer containing fruit acids. I know that some acids and retinol are not good for day time use but I will be doing some research to verify it.

When I was at the cash register I noticed that they added some new face masks and I quickly grabbed two masks.  I tried some other face masks from Eveline Cosmetics in the past and really enjoyed it.  Eveline Cosmetics is a brand which originated in Poland and it’s mainly popular in Europe. This time I grabbed a face mask that renews and sculps the face and neck. The second face mask is an anti aging mask from the brand Fito. I have never heard of this brand, but I was tempted to try this product because I never tried products that were made with caviar. The product also contains grains and almond oil. Upon the research, I found out that Fito is an organic Russian brand with good reputation.

That is all for my skin care haul and I hope you enjoyed reading it. Let me know if you tried any of these products and what you thought of them.



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