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Casual Weekend

May 2, 2017

We all have different preferences to how to spend weekends. Some like to cozy up on the couch wearing pj’s all day, but I love to dress up and go out to explore the surrounding areas. Since my week days are very hectic there isn’t much time to just pamper myself and that is why on the weekends I love to spend time getting ready. Although I love to dress up, some times I do want to be comfortable yet still look put together. With the change of seasons, I picked up few items which I am absolutely in love with.

If you would look in my closet you would see that it’s full of black and gray so this spring I wanted to switch it up and add some lighter colors The light blue jeans are from Maison Julep which you can find at Macy’s. Finding a perfect pair of jeans is one of the hardest things and I dread the time when I need to find new once. Fortunately, with these jeans, it was easy to find my perfect fit. The material is light and they keep their shape. The selling point was when I saw embroidery in french by the front and the back pockets. The gray t-shirt with floral “Est la vie” writing is also from Maison Julep. To add a pop of color I wore Halogen pink cardigan from Nordstrom. Pink is far from my favorite color but this spring it seems I can’t get enough of the color. The handbag that I wore has been featured in many of my blog posts and it is Cedar Street from Kate Spade. It’s probably my favorite handbag in my collection, the size is perfect to fit all the essentials yet it’s not oversized. Unfortunately, I was unable to find exact same handbag online because it is from the collection over a year ago, but I was able to find smaller size handbags if you are interested.

Whenever I purchase shoes I make sure that they are high quality and I wear them for years until they are unwearable anymore. The shoes that I wore over the weekend are from Nine West and I purchase them about 3 years ago.  Although they are unavailable for the same brand I found very similar from Thalia Sodi.



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Fall look of the day

September 3, 2016

At the end of August the weather in Washington has drastically changed. From hot summer days it turned into proper fall weather and of course it wouldn’t be Northwest without the rain. I took this opportunity to wear some of my favorite items. I wore this floral dress which is suitable for any time of year. I picked up this dress last year from Primark when I was in Germany. I found a similar dress on Forever 21 website. To keep myself warm I wore my favorite trench coat which is just perfect for this type of weather. I also picked up this trench coat from Primark and if you read my Paris blog post then you would of seen me wearing it in most photos. I found similar trench coats at Forever 21 and H&M.The handbag is a new item in my closet. It is Ralph Lauren Charleston Small Shopper bag in color Lauren Tan. I picked it up on sale few weeks ago from Macy’s. I’ve been enjoying more natural colors such as brown and the inspiration to that were my favorite boots. I’ve been looking for a handbag similar color but to my surprise it wasn’t as easy to find the perfect one.The shoes that I chose to wear are from unknown brand and I picked them up four years ago from Ross . They’ve been my most worn fall and winter boots. There are many brands that make identical boots, such as Vince Camuto Vince Camuto and Karen Scott. Hope you enjoyed it and have a wonderful weekends!

kristina's daily beauty fashion look of the day ralph lauren primark.jpg

Love, Kristina.

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Free People “Modern Kimono”

August 11, 2016

One of the things I love about living in Northwest is for all the beautiful nature. With years I found myself appreciating all the beauty that surrounds me more then ever before. With my recent situation where I am feeling down and uninspired there was no better way to clear my head then visit one of my favorite places. Couple days ago the weather was significantly cooler and rainy, which is my favorite time to go visit  Vista House which is located near Multnomah Falls.

The dress in my wardrobe that always associated with nature is Free People ” Modern Kimono” maxi dress. I was always inspired by the style of Free People clothing and during Anniversary sales I found this dress which I instantly fell in love with. It is very light and flowy dress which can be worn with flat sandals of platform shoes. It is one of the pieces that I’ve been wearing often this summer. The little details of the dress makes it extra special. The only thing about this dress that I did not like is a very low cut but this issue was easily resolved with a needle and a thread.

kristina's daily beauty free people modern kimono maxi dress.JPG

kristina's daily beauty oregon travel.JPG

kristina's daily beauty fashion free people

kristina's daily beauty travel oregon road highway 30.JPG

Till next time,


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BejulBoutique by Kristina Alexandra

June 30, 2016

Hello everyone!

Today’s blog post is a little different from any others I wrote. I am very excited to share that I have launched an Etsy shop where I am selling handmade jewelry. I’ve been making jewelry for years but only recently have decided to share them with everyone. My desire is to create elegant  jewelry with romantic flair to them. The shop name is BejulBoutique. There are currently three options available but more will be coming to the shop very soon.


Isabella– Black faux leather tassels with gold plated hardware.

kristinas daily beauty Isabella earrings.JPG

Mira– Nude colored faux leather tassels with gold hardware.



Midnight in Paris – beautiful chain earrings with silver plated hardware that comes with copper, light and dark gold pearls.



Till next time,


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Perfect Cross Body Bag

June 24, 2016

Cross body bags have been my favorite to use for when I am traveling or when I know I would need to carry a bag for many hours. With cross body bag I know I will not over pack to the point where my hands and shoulders are in pain. The hard thing about cross body bag is finding the right size. Some are too small and some have a strange shape that makes taking things out of the bag complicated.Kate Spade have been on the rise past few years.  Recently I found this Kate Spade bag at Nordstrom Rack. It is almost identical to newer version  Kate Spade Cobble Hill Marsala.

kristina's daily beauty kate spade.JPG


The bag was made with all attention to detailed. The size is exactly what I needed, it has a wide opening where even larger wallets would fit. When you carry around the bag there is no worries that something might fall out of it because the flat of the bag fits tightly over the top and locks. There is also a second compartment that is located on the flap of the bag. It is very deep compartment and comes with a zipper. As you can see I am able to fit all my necessities such as wallet, keys, some makeup, phone, and there is room for more things. The only thing that I wish would be different is the material. The bag has soft leather that looks good but scratches easily.


kristina's daily beauty handbag.JPG

Till next time,