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Memory Lane of 2017

December 30, 2017

In just a few short days we will saying goodbye to 2017 and will be welcoming a new year. A new year will be an opportunity for change, learning, growing, and creating new memories. Before stepping into a new year I wanted to look back at 2017 and all the things that it brought with it. With age, I learned how fast life goes by and how important it is to remember all the wonderful things that happen to us.  For me, 2017 was one of the most memorable years. Even though the majority of my days were filled with work I took every opportunity to travel. This was a year that I got to check Los Angeles off of my bucket list when I went there for my birthday with my best friend. It was a trip that was truly unforgettable.

This was also a year that I turned 27. And strangely the reality that I am not in my early 20s anymore hit hard. It’s just as if it was yesterday that I was celebrating my 21st birthday and 27 seemed to be so far away. But I made sure to make the best of this reality.

It was a year that I got to spend time with my family and friends. In spring while I was in California I went on a road trip with my brother and some friends and family. During that road trip, I witnessed my brother propose to his wonderful girlfriend and that is one of the moments that will be cherished forever.

One of my goals for 2017 was to spend as much time at the beach as possible and it was one of the goals that I was able to achieve. The sound of the waves and salty air makes all the stress and all the worry go away and gives me the energy to get through busy days.

Before Christmas,  I was in California and I went on a wonderful adventure to San Francisco. Although I’ve been in San Francisco many times before those visits were not as memorable as this one. I got to see a side of the city that I’ve never seen before and it was all done with my favorite person, my best friend.

It was a year of growth, happiness and a few heartaches. It brought some wonderful people to my life that changed it forever and drew away the ones that were not meant to be in my life.

Hope the new year brings you lots of love and happiness.



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A Fresh Start

January 14, 2017

Ever since the start of the website, I have spent numerous hours trying to perfect it. Unfortunately, when you have limited knowledge of the technical side of the website it can be challenging to achieve your goals.  My dream was to create the website that would reflect my personality and that I would be proud of. For several months I considered purchasing the website layout, but what I noticed with most of them that they are all identical and would not suit my website.

A few months ago I was contacted by the team. The is an online course that helps to improve blogs. They offered to work with me to give my blog a makeover.  I was very excited but nervous at the same time. My blog is my creation and I wanted things to look perfect. The team worked with me every step of the way and created a website design of my dreams. The change to the website was like a breath of fresh air, it inspired me to write more and be more creative. Whenever I look at the website, I still can’t believe how it was transformed. I am very thankful to the Blogerize team for making my dream come true. If you are looking to change your blog, I would highly recommend trying out



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Day in life: Beautiful summer Monday

July 12, 2016

After two day weekend it is time to get back into work mode. Fortunately this Monday started out very smoothly and relaxing for me.

And obviously a day can’t start without delicious breakfast and strong cup of coffee.

kristina's daily beauty photography

Since the day is very relaxing I was not in the mood to spend long time on the make up.

I used BB cream on my skin from the brand Pure Line (Чистая линия). On the eyes I used Chanel Stylo eyeshadow in 197 Vert Grise and my Chanel mascara. As a blush I used my all time favorite Burberry Earthy Blush that looks very natural on the skin.

kristina's daily beauty monday makeup.JPG

As you might of noticed from my previous blog posts, I’ve been very into darker colors that don’t exactly scream summer. Today I wanted to try on a brighter color and went for Dolce & Gabbana nail polish in color 108 Cosmopolitan.

kristina's daily beauty nails of the day Dolce & Gabbana nailpolish.JPG

For the day out I wore my favorite outfit that is very comfortable but looks  polished at the same time. The dress is from H&M and for years I wanted a dress in similar style but I was always very conscious about the stretchy material showing all the body imperfections. Since I’ve start working out on regular bases I was brave enough to finally pick up a dress that I wanted for many years. The cardigan is from Banana Republic and I looked for a cardigan with this shape in gray color for a while but most that I would find would not look as flattering as this one. The handbag that I wore is Kate Spade bag witch I showed before in ‘What’s in my bag‘ post. The shoes are from one of my favorite brands  Vince Camuto. Even though they are heels I find that I can walk in them for hours without any pain or discomfort.

kristina's daily beauty fashion kate spade h&m banana republic.JPG

One of my favorite thing to do is visit Powell’s Book store which is located in Portland downtown. Unfortunately I don’t get to visit often as it is located in a very busy are. It’s been said that Powell’s Book store is the largest independent  book store in the world which sells new and used books in any language your heart desires. I love the fact that I am able to sell some of my old book that I know I will never want to read again.

kristinas daily beauty at book store.jpg

I picked up few books and as you can see they are all influenced by my nostalgic moments from France. Paris Street Style and How to be Parisian Wherever you Are, are the books that I wanted to pick up for a while and before I headed to the cash register I spot this book called Lunch in Paris.


That is all for this Monday’s ‘Day in life’ post.Let me know if you enjoyed this type of blog post so that I would know if I should continue doing them once in a while. Hope you enjoyed it!

Till next time,




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June Non Beauty Favorites

July 6, 2016

Since June beauty favorites blog post was very long I thought I would do my non beauty favorites in a separate post.

To start things off first thing I wanted to mention the book I read. It is Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. You might of heard or even saw the movie which was recently released. When I fist saw the movie trailer on YouTube I was so interested to find out the story and was very impatient to wait for the movie to come out, so I picked up a book. As it often happens books get forgotten. I read more then half way through the book and with all the busy schedules I forgot to continue reading it. Right before movie was coming out I got a chance to sit down and finish reading it.  The movie and the book are absolutely wonderful. Even after reading the book and knowing what would happen I couldn’t hold back the tiers while watching the movie. It is very beautiful story and  I highly recommend ether reading a book or watching a movie.

kristina's daily beauty june non beauty favorites me before you favorite book.JPG

Recently I went to the World Market which if you don’t know sells products from different countries and it’s all from furniture to jewelry to food. I picked up few German chocolates and some rings. Although I love jewelry I haven’t purchased anything in about  a year. These beautiful rings come in a set and they are gold rings that look great worn all together or on their own. Unfortunately I was unable to find these exact rings online but there is a wide variety of similar jewelry pieces over on their website and all the jewelry is inexpensive.

kristina's daily beauty june favorites world market jewelry.JPG

kristinas daily beauty june non beauty favorites jewelry.JPG

kristina's daily beauty non beauty favorites


Pottery Barn has some of my favorite home fragrances. The candles and fragrance diffusers have very settle natural scents. Few weeks ago I picked up Pink Peony fragrance diffuser,Gray Moss diffuser and a candle and Simpatico White Flower diffuser. Unfortunately some of the candles and diffusers are only available at the store.

kristina's daily beauty june favorites pottery barn fragrances.JPG

kristina's daily beauty pottery barn candles.JPG


In June I’ve been really enjoying watching Mimi Ikonn and Alex Ikonn on YouTube. They are some of the most positive and uplifting people I ever seen. They both have different channels and in every video they add some tips on how to better your life and your state of mind. Whenever I watch their videos I get inspired and I learn things that help me in my daily life.

And last but not least favorite of June have been blogging everyday. When I was first considering blogging everyday instead of three times a week it was a little stressful and I was worried that I would run out of ideas and that it would be too overwhelming. As the month went along I found myself more excited about writing everyday and it became part of my daily routine. When the month finished and I took few days off I found that I was missing blogging. After that experiment I am considering on blogging on a daily bases.

That is all for my June non beauty favorites. Hope you enjoyed it.

Till next time,



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February Favorites

February 29, 2016

Since I was going through makeup detox these past couple of months there are not many products that I’ve been using on a daily bases. I’ve been spending from 5 to 10 minutes to do my makeup which was a big surprise to my family ( I usually spend closer to an hour on makeup).

Starting of with perfume, there are three that I enjoyed using the most throughout the month of February. Since I am not the greatest at describing the scents I checked online what the notes are in each fragrance.

Chanel Coco Noir has notes of grapefruit and bergamot accentuate the rose and jasmine infused floral accord, while notes of Indonesian patchouli and sandalwood add warmth.

CK IN2U by Calvin Klein has notes of pink grapefruit fizz, sicilian bergamot, red currant leaves, sugar orchid, and vanilla.

Burberry Eau De Parfum  is a fruity fragrance with top notes of blackcurrant and fresh green apple. Combined with heart notes of cedar wood, jasmine, moss and sandalwood, the fragrance has a rich and sensual tone musk and vanilla smooth the scent for a gentle warmth.



The foundations that I’ve been reaching for the most are Burberry Fresh Glow and L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte foundation. On a daily bases I like my skin to look very natural and glowing but once in a while I want my foundation to have matte finish. Since I have dry skin most of the matte foundations don’t work for my skin type except L’Oreal Infallible matte foundation that seems to be working great with my skin and stays on throughout the day. The brush that I’ve been using to apply the foundation is Bobbi Brown brush which I was skeptical about purchasing but I’ve been getting so much use out of it.


For my eyes I rediscovered my Lorac Pro 2 palette. The two colors I’ve been using on a daily bases are Rose and Mocha.

The Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 palette was a little disappointment when I purchased it. Although I love basic matte colors it seemed very dull and boring. The past month I found my self using it more often in the crease of the eye or to fill in my eyebrows. In February I went back to using Maybelline Fit Me concealer which I loved for a very long time. It is very creamy and light concealer. The mascara that I used is Dior Iconic Overcurl which gives my eyelashes length and volume.

If you have a reward points at Sephora then you probably know that you receive a gift for your birthday. Back in July I received a gift of two NARS lipsticks and an eyeliner. I fell in love with the eyeliner from the first use and then I lost the eyeliner. Several months past by and I gave up on a search for the eyeliner when I finally found it! In my opinion it is the best eyeliner for waterline that doesn’t smudge on me.


For my lips I’ve been obsessing over Rimmel London Diva Red 500 which is nice berry red lipstick that is moisturizing and long lasting. The nude lipstick that I’ve been using is Essence 05 Cool Nude. Whenever I try to find perfect drugstore nude lipstick, they are either too brown or too light, however this color seems to match my skin tone perfectly.

Aside from beauty favorites there are few other things I wanted to mention.

Recently when I was feeling down and while scrolling through Netflix movie list I stumbled upon a movie with a very simple name “Happy“. It is such an inspirational and uplifting movie that shows people all around the world and what makes them happy. I highly recommend watching this movie.


There are few songs that I have on repeat that put me in a very good mood. The fist one is The Scott Brothers-Hold On. If you ever watched Property Brothers or Buying and Selling then you’ll know the duo. A very sweet song that talks about coming home and it always makes me think of my family and friends that live in a different state. The second song is by Julian Perretta-Miracle.Both the song and the video always puts me in a happy mood and makes me want to dance. In my playlist you would find songs in different languages and one of my favorite Spanish artists is David Bisbal with songs No Amanece, Diez Mil Maneras, Tu y Yo.



After all the holidays I’ve been trying to get into shape and I like to exercise in the comfort of my home. There are two  YouTube channels that help me with the exercises. The first one is XHIT Daily that features different series of workout. After intense workout I like to take some time to relax with a little bit of Yoga. My favorite channel is Yoga with Adriene .

That is all for my February favorites, Hope you have a wonderful day!

Till next time,


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Makeup clear out

February 18, 2016

 Analyzing my makeup collection I realized that many products were impulse purchases that I would use once and then forget about them. Feeling overwhelmed with the amount of makeup that I had it was time for makeup detox. Fist step was to go through the whole collection and just get rid of all the products that are not being used.


Although I don’t like to accumulate things that are not needed in my life, getting rid of makeup was a struggle. To make the separation easier many things were passed on to friends and family.


The results of the clear out inspired me to cut down spendings on beauty products. Gladly I can say that it’s been over two months and I managed to avoid all the makeup aisles.
Till next time,