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Makeup clear out

February 18, 2016

 Analyzing my makeup collection I realized that many products were impulse purchases that I would use once and then forget about them. Feeling overwhelmed with the amount of makeup that I had it was time for makeup detox. Fist step was to go through the whole collection and just get rid of all the products that are not being used.


Although I don’t like to accumulate things that are not needed in my life, getting rid of makeup was a struggle. To make the separation easier many things were passed on to friends and family.


The results of the clear out inspired me to cut down spendings on beauty products. Gladly I can say that it’s been over two months and I managed to avoid all the makeup aisles.
Till next time,


Loreal Paris Brow Stylist Definer makeup

Loreal Paris Brow Stylist Definer

January 26, 2016



I’ve been using Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz for years and years. Recently before I was suppose to leave to California I realized that I ran out of my Brow Wiz. Since I wouldn’t have time to go to Sephora it wade me worry. While walking through makeup aisle at the drug store I saw this new display of Loreal Paris Brow Stylist Definer that looked very similar to my Brow Wiz pencil. I was very surprised at how similar this product is to Anastasia Beverly Hills. It has a very fine tip that makes it perfect to fill in gaps in my eyebrows and it stays put throughout the day.  The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz retails for $21 at Sephora and Loreal Paris Brow stylist Definer for $7.99 at Target.

XOXO, Kristina.

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My Traveling Must Have

January 21, 2016



During my recent travels there was one product that was a life saver  when it came to makeup and I feel that this amazing product didn’t get much praises as it should have. I picked up Bobbi Brown Face Touch-Up Palette right before I left to Germany. I was worried that the amount of foundation would not last me throughout the month. Fortunately it not only lasted me throughout a month but even after five months I still haven’t hit the pan! This little palette contains foundation,concealer for blemishes, under eye corrector, and setting powder. When applying these products I like to use small sponge for the foundation and I use my finders for the under eye corrector. You need a very small amount of product to cover all the imperfections. You can also buy these products separately in full size in Nordstrom.

XOXO, Kristina.

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October Favorites

November 3, 2015

I haven’t wrote about my monthly favorites for few months now just because I was using the same products that I talked about in my previous favorites. September and October were two months where I added few new things to my daily use.


First  I would like to talk about skin and hair care. I was beyond happy to see Soap & Glory products at our local Ulta store few weeks ago. I fell in love with this brand when I first tried their body butter last year and instantly fell in love, when I wanted to repurchase it the brand was discontinued at Sephora. This stuff is amazing!!! It is very moisturizing and the scent is so wonderful! It was hard not to purchase everything they had on the shelves but I managed not to let myself go crazy and only purchased The Righteous Butter body lotion.

Alrigh, moving on to hair care. There are not many products that I use for my hair but this product just cought my eye. It is Pantene Powerful Body Booster spray. This product is suppose to help style your hair easier as well as making hair look healthier. I am happy to say that it does exactly what it said it would. I noticed that my hair looks shiny, healthy and hair styles look better then they would before.

For my face I really have been loving Peter Thomas Roth peeling gel. It is such a strange product, when you apply and massage it, it rolls dead skin off the face leaving it feeling very fresh and clean.

I’ve been struggling with dull skin and dark spots for very long time. As a treatment I like to use Fresh Peony Brightening night mask. The difference was noticeable in my skin after couple of uses.


Two  blushes that I’ve been obsessed over are Dallas by Benefit and Sand Pink by Bobbi Brown. Benefit Dallas is bronzy toned blush which is the best for summer but I can’t seem to stop using it in fall. The Bobbi Brown Sand Pink is very fall appropriate color that has an amazing pigmentation and it looks perfect combined with Benefit blush.

As you can see I got a lot of use out of my Lancôme eye shadow pallet in color Taupe Craze . The quality of these eye shadows are some of the best that I’ve tried and the colors are very gorgeous! Besides the eye shadow pallet I’ve been also loving Rimmel London Scandaleyes shadow paint in color Chestnut Taupe. It is one of the best drugstore products that stays put throughout the day and does not crease. The color is very similar to my Lancôme eye shadow pallet.

The mascaras that I’ve been using are The Rimmel London Lift Me Up and YSL Baby Doll. Whenever I want to do natural makeup look I automatically reach for YSL mascara, it makes my lashes look very long and full, at the same time making my lashes seem as if they are naturally that way. The only down side I found to YSL mascara is that it dries out quickly, but after doing some research I found that if you add a drop or two of eye drops it will bring it back to life! The Rimmel London is one of my favorite drugstore makeup lines but I never seem to be drawn to their mascaras. After long avoidance I finally cracked and bought this mascara which claims to have vitamins and cucumber. The mascara holds well throughout the day, giving eyelashes hydration and length.

IMG_7887Hourglass Ambient Llighting Pallet is my all time favorite products. I believe I mentioned it in one of my previous favorites post but I just can’t seem to stop talking about it! It was a product that I would whip out for special occasions when I wanted my skin to look glowing and flawless but now I seem to be using it every single day!

The brush is one of my recent purchases. One of my favorite beauty vloggers Tati mentioned this brush in her video and from my previous experience with Sonia Kashuk makeup tools I knew I was going to like this one. This is No.30 brush. I found that its such a great brush that makes contouring easy.

IMG_7936IMG_7939And finally on to lipsticks. Starting with nude tone lipstick the first one is Bobbi Brown in Blondie Pink. As I mentioned in my previous blog post I love Bobbi Brown products and the lipstick is not an exception. Along side with Makeup Forever Rouge Artist N 4 and Lipstick Queen Saint Pink these products are very creamy and pigmented.

IMG_7944 (1)Since its fall season the dark lip is in. The darkest out of all lip products is Revlon Black Cherry. It is a very nice lipstick except it takes some time to apply and even out the tone so I steer clear from this lipstick when I am in a hurry and don’t have time to apply it properly. The second lipstick is L’Oreal 402 Blake’s Red which is a beautiful color but, it needs reaplying after a cup of coffee or a meal. Probably my most favorite lipstick out of all red lipstick is by YSL in color 111. It is the most creamiest lipstick that does not bleed and lasts throughout the day.

That is all for my October favorites. Hope you enjoy it!



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Review: Bobbi Brown Golden Pink long- wear eye set

October 29, 2015


In my recent Sephora online purchase I reached 500 point mark and got to choose my rewards item . Bobbi Brown is one of my favorite brand and I was very happy to see a set with mini eye products. Since Bobbi Brown products are on the expensive side it is nice to try out a little sample before making a decision about purchasing a product. It contains makeup remover, hydrating eye cream, smoky eye mascara, and cream shadow stick in color Golden Pink.  So lets start of with the makeup remover, it is a good product that easily takes off heavy makeup but I would not purchase this product because I am not a fan of oil based makeup removers, I prefer to take makeup off with micellar water. The other reason why I am not a fan of this product is because of it’s price, it retails for $26 at Sephora and to me that is very overpriced item when you can find similar quality item at drugstore for more then half the price. Now off to the other products. I had my eye on the Bobbi Brown hydrating eye cream for quite some time and I was very excited to see that it came in the set. This little pot will last me very long time, it is very hydrating and you need small amount. I usually have hard time finding eye creams that would live up to my expectations since my under eye area is very dehydrated and dull, and this product really impressed me! Although the eye cream retails for $50 I would definitely purchase the full size. The mascara is something that I have mixed feelings about ,first few times that I’ve used it I was so disappointed, it  made my lashes look very clumpy. I gave this mascara many tries and after a while I noticed that it is different from when I first tried it, it lengthened my lashes and gave them volume. And last but not least is the cream eye shadow stick. It is such a beautiful rose gold color which is very easy to blend and stays put throughout the day. I have more mini eye shadow sticks from Bobbi Brown collection and they are always in my makeup bag for times when I don’t have time to do my makeup at home or when I am traveling.

That is all for my Bobbi Brown eye set review. Hope you enjoyed it!



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First Impression : Hourglass Immaculate Mattifying Liquid Powder foundation

October 20, 2015


In my resent Sephora online purchase I received a sample of Hourglass Immaculate liquid foundation in the shade Nude. I thought why not do a first impresions on this foundation. There are good and few negative things about this foundation. Alright, so to get it out of the way I’ll first talk about things that I did not like about this product. The first thing is the scent. When I opend a packet it smelled like rubber and chemicals. Personaly I don’t pay attention to the scents but this one was strong, very strong. Now the color, the one that I received is bit dark for me with pink undertone, which was really unflattering. The good thing is when I checked online they have good selection of shades.  After 9 hours wearing the foundation I noticed that it was gone around T zone. The last thing is that it wasn’t mattifying as it promised to, it was more on a dewy side. Now that Im done with these negative things lets talk about positive things. The foundation goes evenly on the skin without much blending, it is very light but with about medium coverage.

So, would I purchuse it? No. I would not repurchase it just because personaly to me there were more negative things then positive and I would pefer L’oreal Infallible Pro-Mate foundation that actually stays on the whole day and is so much cheaper then Hourglass foundation. If any of you tried this foundation let me know what you think about it.

Till next time!

XOXO, Kristina.